Cell Culture Mycoplasma Detection by PCR
    Author:  Huan Pang, date: 04/20/2012, view: 17170, Q&A: 0
    DNA was extracted from the supernatant of each sample. After PCR-amplification of mycoplasma DNA, detection was performed by gel electrophresis. The PCR primers were designed to cover the consensus sequences that can detect all types of mycoplasma ...
    Cell Cycle Analysis Using Propidium Iodide Staining with GFP Detection
    Author:  Hui Zhu, date: 04/05/2012, view: 21673, Q&A: 3
    Infecting mammalian cells with a GFP construct to overexpress or knockdown target genes is one of the most commonly used methods to study and manipulate gene expression. To determine the target gene function on the cell cycle, analyzing the cell ...
    Sucrose Gradient Analysis of Proteins
    Author:  Hui Zhu, date: 02/05/2012, view: 26196, Q&A: 1
    The sedimentation rate of a protein in a linear sucrose gradient can be used to determine its S value when compared to proteins of known S values which are run in a parallel gradient. This can be used to estimate an approximate molecular weight of ...
    Restriction Enzyme Accessibility Protocol in Mammalian Cells
    Author:  Hogune Im, date: 10/20/2011, view: 10353, Q&A: 0
    This protocol describes a method to indirectly assess chromatin structure by using restriction enzyme in mammalian cells, modified from Current Protocols.
    MTT Assay of Cell Numbers after Drug/Toxin Treatment
    Author:  Ran Chen, date: 04/05/2011, view: 21791, Q&A: 1
    MTT assay is a colorimetric method for measuring the activity of enzymes in living cells that reduce MTT to formazan dyes, giving a purple color. It is commonly used to determine cytotoxicity of potential medicinal agents and toxic materials, since ...

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