Molecular Biology


    Modifications in the Transformation Step of Commercially Available Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit Increase Its Price-performance
    Site-directed mutagenesis helps unravel the relationship between the structure and function of a protein at the level of amino acid contributions. Many techniques have been established to carry out site-directed mutagenesis on a daily routine. ...
    Efficient Assembly of Large Multiplex CRISPR/Cas9 Guide Arrays for Maize Genome Editing
    Authors:  Jarrett Man and Madelaine E. Bartlett, date: 05/05/2019, view: 3290, Q&A: 0
    CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing in maize is an effective tool, and researchers commonly wish to target multiple genes simultaneously. Transformation of maize is currently expensive and tedious, so researchers are incentivized to build vectors that ...
    Alkaline Phosphatase
    Author:  Fanglian He, date: 07/20/2012, view: 34616, Q&A: 3
    Alkaline phosphatase removes 5' phosphate groups from vector so that prevents self-ligation of the vector and facilitates the ligation of other DNA fragments into the vector.
    Standard PCR Protocol
    Author:  Fanglian He, date: 04/05/2011, view: 36989, Q&A: 8
    This protocol describes basic steps of a PCR experiment using home-made Taq DNA polymerase. Some steps may vary with different DNA polymerase.
    Standard DNA Cloning
    Author:  Fanglian He, date: 04/05/2011, view: 60658, Q&A: 4
    This protocol describes general cloning steps from preparation of both vector and insert DNA to the ligation reaction.

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