Cell Biology


    Isolation of Healthy F4/80+ Macrophages from Embryonic day E13.5 Mouse Fetal Liver Using Magnetic Nanoparticles for Single Cell Sequencing
    Authors:  Kaustav Mukherjee and James J. Bieker, date: 12/05/2021, view: 752, Q&A: 0

    In vivo erythropoiesis occurs in the erythroblast island niche (EBI), comprising of a central macrophage that attaches to and aids the maturation of erythroid progenitors into mature reticulocytes. Macrophages in hematopoietic tissue such as

    A Simple Method for the Isolation and in vitro Expansion of Highly Pure Mouse and Human Satellite Cells

    Satellite cells (SCs) are muscle stem cells capable of regenerating injured muscle. The study of their functional potential depends on the availability of methods for the isolation and expansion of pure SCs, which retain myogenic properties after

    Isolation of Primary Leydig Cells from Murine Testis
    Authors:  Jinlian Liang, Yan Tang, Hanhao Li, Jiaxin Mei, Zhen Cao, Huan Xia, Rufei Huang, Yan Yang and Yadong Huang, date: 11/20/2021, view: 563, Q&A: 0

    In males, Leydig cells are the primary source of testosterone, which is necessary for testis development, masculinization, and spermatogenesis. Leydig cells are a valuable cellular model for basic research; thus, it is important to develop an

    Isolation of CD31+ Bone Marrow Endothelial Cells (BMECs) from Mice
    Authors:  Alhaji Osman Smith, Seyram Yao Adzraku, Wen Ju, Jianlin Qiao, Kailin Xu and Lingyu Zeng, date: 11/20/2021, view: 678, Q&A: 0

    In the bone marrow microenvironment, endothelial cells (ECs) play a pivotal role in regulating the production of both growth and inhibiting factors. They are held together by adherence molecules that interact with hematopoietic progenitor cells. The

    Targeting the Expression of Long Noncoding RNAs in Murine Satellite Cells from Single Myofibers
    Authors:  Martina Macino, Beatrice Biferali, Andrea Cipriano, Monica Ballarino and Chiara Mozzetta, date: 11/05/2021, view: 1076, Q&A: 0

    LncRNAs have been recently implicated in the epigenetic control of muscle differentiation and their functional characterization has traditionally relied upon in vitro models of myogenic differentiation. However, the use of experimental paradigms to

    Isolation and Culturing Primary Cholangiocytes from Mouse Liver

    Cholangiocytes are epithelial cells lining the intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts. Cholangiocytes perform key physiological functions in the liver. Bile synthesized by hepatocytes is secreted into bile canaliculi, further stored in the

    Collection of in vivo Capacitated Sperm from Different Locations Along the Reproductive Tract of Time-Mated Female Mice by Microdissection
    Authors:  Lukas Ded and Jean-Ju Chung, date: 10/20/2021, view: 1017, Q&A: 0

    Mammalian sperm cells are not capable of fertilizing an egg immediately after ejaculation; instead, they must gradually acquire the capacity to fertilize while they travel inside the female reproductive tract. Sperm cells are transported by the

    Isolation of Microvesicles from Human Circulating Neutrophils

    Neutrophil-derived microvesicles (NDMVs) are liberated by neutrophils upon cell activation by molecules. Once activated, neutrophils are primarily involved in acute inflammation; however, the microvesicles they produce are largely anti-inflammatory.

    Isolation of Primary Cytotrophoblasts From Human Placenta at Term
    Authors:  Arthur Colson, Christophe Louis Depoix, Corinne Hubinont and Frédéric Debiève, date: 10/05/2021, view: 693, Q&A: 0

    The placenta is a multifaceted organ, fulfilling critical functions for the fetus and the mother. Therefore, it is a critical regulator of the pregnancy, and its dysfunction leads to diseases, including fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia.

    Rapid Isolation and Flow Cytometry Analysis of Murine Intestinal Immune Cells after Chemically Induced Colitis
    Authors:  Ashish K. Singh, Alfonso Blanco, Ray Sinnott and Ulla G. Knaus, date: 10/05/2021, view: 455, Q&A: 0

    Chemically induced murine colitis models are widely used to understand intestinal homeostasis and inflammatory responses during acute and chronic gut inflammation such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Resident populations of immune cells


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