Maize Protein Extraction for Different Downstream Applications
    Author:  María Jazmín Abraham-Juárez, date: 05/20/2019, view: 2517, Q&A: 0
    Sample preparation is a key step for making plant proteomics analyses reproducible. The large amount of organic compounds, complex polysaccharides, proteases and other cellular components in vascular plants interfere with the analysis of proteins ...
    Purifying Properly Folded Cysteine-rich, Zinc Finger Containing Recombinant Proteins for Structural Drug Targeting Studies: the CH1 Domain of p300 as a Case Example
    Authors:  Yong Joon Kim, Stefan Kaluz, Anil Mehta, Emily Weinert, Shannon Rivera and Erwin G. Van Meir, date: 09/05/2017, view: 9608, Q&A: 0
    The transcription factor Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF) complexes with the coactivator p300, activating the hypoxia response pathway and allowing tumors to grow. The CH1 and CAD domains of each respective protein form the interface between p300 and ...
    Antibody Affinity Purification
    Author:  Huan Pang, date: 05/05/2012, view: 13003, Q&A: 0
    Antibody purification is performed to concentrate and enrich antigen-specific antibodies and lower the background signal during detection by removing any non-specific proteins. Affinity purification makes use of specific binding interactions between ...
    Protein Extraction from Mice Xenograft Tumor
    Author:  Huan Pang, date: 04/05/2012, view: 22083, Q&A: 1
    Proteins from frozen tissue such as xenograft tumor need to be extracted efficiently without being degraded to make the best use of a limited resource and to ensure that an accurate representation of proteins in selected tumor tissue can be ...
    GST-tagged Yeast Protein Purification
    Author:  Hogune Im, date: 10/05/2011, view: 15504, Q&A: 2
    Glutation S-transferase (GST) tagging is the most commonly used purification strategy for recombinant protein. It was developed with the goal of preserving the enzymatic activity by utilizing gentle elution condition of the target protein from ...
    Preparation of Taq DNA Polymerase
    Author:  Wei Zheng, date: 10/05/2011, view: 31359, Q&A: 1
    Expression and Purification of GST-tagged Proteins from E. coli
    Author:  Lin Fang, date: 09/20/2011, view: 19730, Q&A: 1
    This protocol describes a method for the small and large-scale expression and purification of GST proteins. Due to the diverse nature of proteins, a small-scale expression and purification test is always recommended.
    In-Solution Digestion Of Purified Yeast Protein For LC-MS
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 04/20/2011, view: 13667, Q&A: 0
    This method describes the preparation of total yeast protein extract for mass spectrometry analysis. The protein extract is digested by trypsin in a solution with strong denaturants. The digested sample is dried and re-constituted in a mixture ...
    TAP Purification of Yeast Proteins
    Author:  Bio-protocol Editor, date: 01/05/2011, view: 16046, Q&A: 0
    Tandem affinity purification (TAP) is used to look at protein-protein interaction. Its use relies on generating a fusion protein with a TAP tag on the C- or N- terminal end. In this protocol, a two-step purification of N-terminus TAP-tagged proteins ...

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