Plant Science


    Arabidopsis Stomatal Opening and Closing Experiment
    Author:  Zhixin Zhao, date: 05/20/2011, view: 16567, Q&A: 1
    Stomata pores are mainly localized in the lower epidermis of plant leaves and transpirational water loss occurs through these pores. ABA inhibits light-promoted stomatal opening and promotes stomatal closure. This protocol describes how to measure ...
    Arabidopsis Pollen Tube Germination
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 05/20/2011, view: 17757, Q&A: 0
    This method uses a PEG-supplemented liquid solution to germinate separated Aradidopsis pollen. It thus eliminated the need for humidity control.
    Pollen Fertility/viability Assay Using FDA Staining
    Author:  Xiyan Li, date: 05/20/2011, view: 27383, Q&A: 3
    Pollen grains can be fertile or sterile by nature. This method stains pollen grains for an enzyme as the vital indicator of membrane integrity. Only fertile grains fluoresce under microscopic examination.

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