Aims & Scope
Bio-101 is a curated database of basic protocols that are routinely used in various areas of life science research, including biochemistry, cancer biology, cell biology, developmental biology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, plant science, stem cell biology, and systems biology. Bio-101 focuses on protocols for basic, classical methods that may be independently maintained by many labs, but which have not been collected and quality-controlled in a standardized manner. We therefore accept author submissions in a variety of formats, which are then reformatted by our editing team and evaluated via peer review to ensure consistent quality and style. Readers can also request protocols, and volunteer to author protocols requested by others. Different lab groups often add unique modifications to basic procedures to increase efficiency and success rates. To account for this, we have designed a system for crowdsourced post-release evaluation. Readers can provide comments and suggestions on protocol steps, which are then rated by authors and other readers. Highly rated comments later become incorporated into the main protocol. Bio-101 thus serves as a “universal protocol book”, with high-quality, step-by-step procedures that match standard practices in the life sciences.