Adam Idoine Carnegie Institution
12 protocols

Alessandro Didonna University of California, San Francisco
19 protocols

Hiroyuki Hirai Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
4 protocols

Junjie Luo Stanford University/HHMI
1 protocol

Yunbing Ma
  • Post-Doc, Rutgers University
Research focus
  • Molecular biology


Ph.D., Louisiana State Univeristy, 2012

4 Protocols reviewed
A Streamlined Method for the Preparation of Gelatin Embedded Brains and Simplified Organization of Sections for Serial Reconstructions
Authors:  Andrew W. Liu, Sho Aoki and Jeffery R. Wickens, date: 11/20/2017, view: 3732, Q&A: 0
Gelatin embedding of whole brains for sectioning is a critical procedure used in neuroscience to ensure all morphological and spatial details are preserved intact. Here, we describe an inexpensive, reproducible and efficient means to embed ...
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Histochemical Preparations to Depict the Structure of Cauliflower Leaf Hydathodes
Authors:  Aude Cerutti, Marie-Christine Auriac, Laurent D. Noël and Alain Jauneau, date: 10/20/2017, view: 3338, Q&A: 0
Hydathodes are plant organs present on leaf margins of a wide range of vascular plants and are the sites of guttation. Both anatomy and physiology of hydathodes are poorly documented. We have recently reported on the anatomy of cauliflower and ...
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