Khatira Anwari
  • Monash University
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular biology, Monash University, 2011

Current position

Scientific Mentor, Gene Technology Access Centre


  1. Ma, S., Hockings, C., Anwari, K., Kratina, T., Fennell, S., Lazarou, M., Ryan, M. T., Kluck, R. M. and Dewson, G. (2013). Assembly of the Bak apoptotic pore: a critical role for the Bak protein alpha6 helix in the multimerization of homodimers during apoptosis. J Biol Chem 288(36): 26027-26038.
  2. Anwari, K., Webb, C. T., Poggio, S., Perry, A. J., Belousoff, M., Celik, N., Ramm, G., Lovering, A., Sockett, R. E., Smit, J., Jacobs-Wagner, C. and Lithgow, T. (2012). The evolution of new lipoprotein subunits of the bacterial outer membrane BAM complex. Mol Microbiol 84(5): 832-844.

  3. Anwari, K., Poggio, S., Perry, A., Gatsos, X., Ramarathinam, S. H., Williamson, N. A., Noinaj, N., Buchanan, S., Gabriel, K., Purcell, A. W., Jacobs-Wagner, C. and Lithgow, T. (2010). A modular BAM complex in the outer membrane of the alpha-proteobacterium Caulobacter crescentus. PLoS One 5(1): e8619.

  4. Gatsos, X., Perry, A. J., Anwari, K., Dolezal, P., Wolynec, P. P., Likic, V. A., Purcell, A. W., Buchanan, S. K. and Lithgow, T. (2008). Protein secretion and outer membrane assembly in Alphaproteobacteria. FEMS Microbiol Rev 32(6): 995-1009.  
1 Protocol published
Isolate and Sub-fractionate Cell Membranes from Caulobacter crescentus
Author:  Khatira Anwari, date: 10/20/2012, view: 9220, Q&A: 1
Cell membranes from Caulobacter can be isolated and separated into inner and outer membranes according their characteristic buoyant densities on a sucrose gradient. Fractionation can be used to determine the localisation of uncharacterised ...
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