Mashito Sakai Department of Molecular Metabolic Regulation, Diabetes Research Center, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan
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Michihiro Matsumoto
  • Department of Molecular Metabolic Regulation, Diabetes Research Center, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
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M.D. in Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan, 1993.
Ph.D. in Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan, 2001

Current position

Director, Department of Molecular Metabolic Regulation, Diabetes Research Center, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

Publications (since 2005)

  1. Sakai, M., Matsumoto, M., Tujimura, T., Yongheng, C., Noguchi, T., Inagaki, K., Inoue, H., Hosooka, T., Takazawa, K., Kido, Y., Yasuda, K., Hiramatsu, R., Matsuki, Y. and Kasuga, M. (2012). CITED2 links hormonal signaling to PGC-1alpha acetylation in the regulation of gluconeogenesis. Nat Med 18(4): 612-617.
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1 Protocol published
Authors:  Michihiro Matsumoto and Mashito Sakai, date: 11/05/2012, view: 23292, Q&A: 3
Hepatic glucose production is a primary determinant of fasting hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetic patients. Glucagon-cAMP-PKA pathway increases, but insulin-PI3 kinase-Akt pathway suppresses glucose production. This assay aims to evaluate the ability ...
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