Catherine Hedrick Division of Inflammation Biology, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, USA
2 protocols

Grzegorz Chodaczek Microscopy Core, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, USA
1 protocol

Richard Ned Hanna
  • Research scientist, MedImmune
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases
  • 2 Author merit
2 Protocols published
Authors:  Richard N. Hanna and Catherine C. Hedrick, date: 10/20/2016, view: 7143, Q&A: 0
Extracellular tumor material including exosomes, microvesicles and apoptotic tumor debris may help cancers invade new organs. Enhancing the removal of extracellular tumor material by immune cells represents a novel immunotherapy approach for ...
Authors:  Richard N. Hanna, Grzegorz Chodaczek and Catherine C. Hedrick, date: 10/20/2016, view: 7603, Q&A: 0
Immunotherapy has demonstrated great therapeutic potential by activating the immune system to fight cancer. However, little is known about the specific dynamics of interactions that occur between tumor and immune cells. In this protocol we describe ...
1 Protocol reviewed
A Reproducible Protocol to Measure the Critical Swimming Speed of Adult Zebrafish
Authors:  Yuma Wakamatsu, Makoto Kashima and Hiromi Hirata, date: 08/20/2020, view: 2460, Q&A: 1
The quantitative measurement of water flow-induced swimming of fish species using a swimmill is a powerful method to evaluate motor ability of individual fish. Zebrafish is a commonly used vertebrate that enables the study of morphological, ...
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