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  • Immunology, innate immunity, neutrophils, PRR


PhD, University of Milan Bicocca, 2012

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Whole-mount Enteroid Proliferation Staining
Authors:  Caitlyn W. Barrett, Sarah P. Short, Yash A. Choksi and Christopher Shawn Williams, date: 06/20/2016, view: 4258, Q&A: 0
Small intestinal organoids, otherwise known as enteroids, have become an increasingly utilized model for intestinal biology in vitro as they recapitulate the various epithelial cells within the intestinal crypt (Mahe et al., 2013; ...
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Adoptive Transfer of Memory B Cells
Authors:  Griselda Zuccarino-Catania and Mark Shlomchik, date: 08/20/2015, view: 4355, Q&A: 0
The adoptive transfer of antigen-specific B cells into mice that cannot recognize that specific antigen has two main advantages. The first is determining exactly when the B cells were transferred and exposed to antigen. The second is that all B ...
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