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Yueqiang Leng
  • Research associate, North Dakota State University
Research focus
  • Microbiology


Ph. D, North Dakota State University

2 Protocols reviewed
Acidified Blue Ink-staining Procedure for the Observation of Fungal Structures Inside Roots of Two Disparate Plant Lineages
Authors:  Jill Kowal, Elena Arrigoni and Sophie Lane, date: 10/20/2020, view: 1160, Q&A: 0
Identifying microscopic mycorrhizal fungal structures in roots, i.e., hyphae, vesicles and arbuscules, requires root staining procedures that are often time consuming and involves chemicals known to present health risks from exposure. By ...
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Protocol for Ribosome Profiling in Bacteria
Authors:  Fuad Mohammad and Allen R. Buskirk, date: 12/20/2019, view: 4379, Q&A: 1
Ribosome profiling provides information on the position of ribosomes on mRNA on a genomic scale. Although this information is often used to detect changes in gene expression under different conditions, it also has great potential for yielding ...
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