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thangasamy74 Thangasamy
  • West Virginia State University
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences, Academia Sinica – National Chung Hsing University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011

Current position

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,  Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica


  1. Velu Sivankalyani, Shigeo Takumi, Kilankaje Ashakiran, Saminathan Thangasamy and Shanmugam Girija. (2013). Punctured hypocotyl-assisted high efficient transformation and adventitious shoot regeneration in tomato using GFP reporter. Plant Cell Reports (under review).
  2. Chang, L. C, Lin, Y. S., Thangasamy, S., Wang, L. C. and Jauh, G. Y. (2013). BTB protein AtBPM1 interacts with AtERF4 and AtERF7 and is involved in transcriptional repression. Plant and Cell Physiology (under review).
  3. Thangasamy, S., Chen, P. W., Lai, M. H., Chen, J. and Jauh, G. Y. (2012). Rice LGD1 containing RNA binding activity affects growth and development through alternative promoters. Plant J 71(2): 288-302.
  4. Thangasamy, S., Guo, C. L., Chuang, M. H., Lai, M. H., Chen, J. and Jauh, G. Y. (2011). Rice SIZ1, a SUMO E3 ligase, controls spikelet fertility through regulation of anther dehiscence. New Phytol 189(3): 869-882.
  5. Natarajan, U. S., Balasundaram, N., Thangasamy, S., Kannan, R., Dhamodaran, S., Karthigeyan, S. (2003). Genetic stocks with Saccharum spontaneum clones as progenies for developing varieties for cogeneration. In proceedings of the 52nd annual convention of the DSTA. Pune, India: The Deccan Sugar Technologist's Association, India. pp. A20-32.
  6. Thangasamy, S. and Gomathinayagam, P. (2003). Genetic study and path analysis in pearl millet. Annals of Agricultural Research 24: 782-785.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Saminathan Thangasamy and Guang-Yuh Jauh, date: 04/05/2013, view: 13689, Q&A: 0
The northwestern assay is employed to study the interaction between protein and RNA. The RNA binding proteins tend to bind to different kinds of RNA through either known domains or unknown sequences of proteins. Rice LGD1 recombinant protein, a ...
4 Protocols reviewed
Analysis of Starch Synthase Activities in Wheat Grains using Native-PAGE
Author:  Zhongyi Li, date: 01/20/2016, view: 9055, Q&A: 0
Starch synthases are one class of key enzymes involving in the synthesis of cereal starch, which transfer glucose from ADP-glucose to the non-reducing end of pre-existing α-(1-4)-liked glucosyl chains of amylopectin. This protocol is highly ...
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High-throughput Quantification of Ammonium Content in Arabidopsis
Authors:  Izargi Vega-Mas, Asier Sarasketa and Daniel Marino, date: 08/20/2015, view: 8992, Q&A: 0
This protocol is a simple colorimetric assay for internal ammonium quantification in aqueous extracts from plant tissues. The method is based on the phenol hypochlorite assay (Berthelot reaction):

NH4+ + ...
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