John Aitchison Seattle Children's Research Institute Seattle
1 protocol

Magdalena Donczew Department of Microbiology, University of Washington, Seattle
1 protocol

Thurston Herricks Center for Global Infectious Disease Research, Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle
1 protocol

David R. Sherman
  • University of Washington Seattle
  • 1 Author merit
1 Protocol published
ODELAM: Rapid Sequence-independent Detection of Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates
Authors:  Thurston Herricks, Magdalena Donczew, David R. Sherman and John D. Aitchison, date: 05/20/2021, view: 2022, Q&A: 0

Antimicrobial-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) causes over 200,000 deaths globally each year. Current assays of antimicrobial resistance require knowledge of the mutations that confer drug resistance or long periods of culture time to test

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