Mingye Feng
  • The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Research focus
  • Stem cell
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Physiology, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, 2011

Current Position

He is a postdoctoral fellow in Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University. His research focuses on phagocytes-mediated tumor immunosurveillance.


  1. Leitch, S.*, Feng, M.*, Muend, S., Braiterman, L. T., Hubbard, A. L. and Rao, R. (2011). Vesicular distribution of Secretory Pathway Ca2+-ATPase isoform 1 and a role in manganese detoxification in liver-derived polarized cells. Biometals 24(1): 159-170. (*equal contribution)
  2. Feng, M., Grice, D. M., Faddy, H. M., Nguyen, N., Leitch, S., Wang, Y., Muend, S., Kenny, P. A., Sukumar, S., Roberts-Thomson, S. J., Monteith, G. R. and Rao, R. (2010). Store-independent activation of Orai1 by SPCA2 in mammary tumors. Cell 143(1): 84-98.
  3. Wang, X., Ye, L., McKinney, C. C., Feng, M. and Maloney, P. C. (2008). Cysteine Scanning Mutagenesis of TM5 Reveals Conformational Changes in OxlT, the Oxalate Transporter of Oxalobacter formigenes. Biochemistry 47(21): 5709-5717.
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  5. Xiang, M., Feng, M., Muend, S. and Rao, R. (2007). A human Na+/H+ antiporter sharing evolutionary origins with bacterial NhaA may be a candidate gene for essential hypertension. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(47): 18677-18681.
  6. Liu, Y., Ding, X., Wang, D., Deng, H., Feng, M., Wang, M., Yu, X., Jiang, K., Ward, T., Aikhionbare, F., Guo, Z., Forte, J. G. and Yao, X. (2007). A mechanism of Munc18b-syntaxin 3-SNAP25 complex assembly in regulated epithelial secretion. FEBS Lett 581(22): 4318-4324.
1 Protocol published
Calcium Imaging
Author:  Mingye Feng, date: 04/05/2012, view: 34212, Q&A: 5
This is a protocol of Ca2+ imaging experiment using Ca2+ indicator Fura-2. Ca2+ imaging is an efficient and quantitative method for measuring cytosolic and internal store Ca2+ levels, as well as their ...
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