Kazuyoshi Chiba Biological Sciences Ochanomizu University
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Enako Hosoda
  • Researcher, Science and Education Center Ochanomizu University
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D in Biology, Ochanomizu University, 2019


1. Hosoda, E., Hiraoka, D., Hirohashi, N., Omi, S., Kishimoto, T. and Chiba, K. (2019). SGK regulates pH increase and cyclin B-Cdk1 activation to resume meiosis in starfish ovarian oocytes. J Cell Biol 218(11): 3612-3629. 2. Hiraoka, D., Hosoda, E., Chiba, K. and Kishimoto, T. (2019). SGK phosphorylates Cdc25 and Myt1 to trigger cyclin B-Cdk1 activation at the meiotic G2/M transition. J Cell Biol 218(11): 3597-3611. 3. Murabe, N., Okumura, E., Chiba, K., Hosoda, E., Ikegami, S., and Kishimoto, T. (2020). The Starfish Asterina pectinifera: Collection and Maintenance of Adults and Rearing and Metamorphosis of Larvae. Methods in Mol Biol, in press.
1 Protocol published
Fluorescence Measurement and Calibration of Intracellular pH in Starfish Oocytes
Authors:  Enako Hosoda and Kazuyoshi Chiba, date: 10/05/2020, view: 1117, Q&A: 0
Oocyte maturation is a process wherein an oocyte arrested at prophase of meiosis I resumes meiosis to become a fertilizable egg. In starfish ovaries, a hormone released from follicle cells activates the oocytes, resulting in an increase in their ...
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