Stefan Jansson Umeå University/Umeå Plant Science Centre Umeå
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Wolfgang Schröder Umeå University Umeå
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Pushan Bag Umeå University/Umeå Plant Science Centre Umeå
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Domenica Farci
  • Post-Doc, Umeå University Umeå
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • bacterial membranes; bacterial S-layers; membrane proteins; S-layer proteins; extremophiles; carotenoid-mediated photo-protection on extremophiles; photosynthesis on higher plants; fruit ripening; phytohormones; photo-protection; carotenoids; mass spectrometry; membrane protein solubilisation; protein chromatography; cryo-electron microscopy; cryo-electron tomography; subtomogram averaging; native and denaturing electrophoresis
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Köln Universität, 2017

1 Protocol published
Solubilization Method for Isolation of Photosynthetic Mega- and Super-complexes from Conifer Thylakoids
Authors:  Pushan Bag, Wolfgang P. Schröder, Stefan Jansson and Domenica Farci, date: 09/05/2021, view: 827, Q&A: 0

Photosynthesis is the main process by which sunlight is harvested and converted into chemical energy and has been a focal point of fundamental research in plant biology for decades. In higher plants, the process takes place in the thylakoid

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