Khaled Selim Tübingen University Tübingen
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Karl Forchhammer
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Luciano F. Huergo
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蛋白质-蛋白质复合物的动力学分析,以确定其电离常数 (KD) 和使用生物层干涉法相互作用的效应分子的有效浓度 (EC50)
Authors:  Tim Orthwein, Luciano F. Huergo, Karl Forchhammer and Khaled A. Selim, date: 09/05/2021, view: 995, Q&A: 0

Biolayer interferometry (BLI) is an emerging analytical tool that allows the study of protein complexes in real time to determine protein complex kinetic parameters. This article describes a protocol to determine the KD of a protein complex using a

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