Raghuveer Kavarthapu National Institutes of Health
4 protocols

Haotong Li
  • Graduate, Peking Union Medical Colloge
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • animal model; myocardial infarction; heart regeneration; inflammation


MD, Wuhan University, 2017

Lab information

Shengshou Hu & Yu Nie Lab


1. Extracellular matrix-based Biomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration and Repair. Heart failure reviews. 18 April 2020. PMID: 32306220
2. Optimized Langendorff perfusion system for cardiomyocyte isolation in adult mouse heart. JCMM. 2020. Accepted
1 Protocol reviewed
Surface Engineering and Multimodal Imaging of Multistage Delivery Vectors in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Authors:  Shreya Goel, Mauro Ferrari and Haifa Shen, date: 05/20/2021, view: 929, Q&A: 0

The design of effective nanoformulations that target metastatic breast cancers is challenging due to a lack of competent imaging and image analysis protocols that can capture the interactions between the injected nanoparticles and metastatic

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