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  • Faculty, Ningbo University
Research focus
  • Shrimp aquaculture, Microbioal community, Ecological health; Coastal microbial biogeograph, Probiotics.
  • 2 Author merit


Dr, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1999

Lab information

Zhang Lab


Twenty Representative publication:

1.Hou DD, Hong M, Wang K*, Yan HZ, Wang YT, Dong PS, Li DJ, Liu K, Zhou ZQ, Zhang DM. Prokaryotic community succession and assembly on different types of microplastics in a mariculture cage. Environmental Pollution, 2020, 115756. DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2020.115756.
2.Dong PS, Guo HP*, Wang YT, Wang RY, Chen HP, Zhao YJ, Wang K, Zhang DM*. Gastrointestinal microbiota imbalance is triggered by the enrichment of Vibrio in subadult Litopenaeus vannamei with acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease. Aquaculture, 2020, 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2020.736199.
3.Wang YT, Wang K*, Huang L, Dong PS, Wang SP, Chen HP, Lu Z, Hou DD, Zhang DM*. Fine-scale succession patterns and assembly mechanisms of bacterial community of Litopenaeus vannamei larvae across the developmental cycle. Microbiome, 2020, 8(1), 1-16.
4.Wang K*, Yan HZ, Peng X, Hu HJ, Zhang HJ, Hou DD, Chen W, Qian P, Liu JF, Cai JB, Chai XL, Zhang DM*. Community assembly of bacteria and archaea in coastal waters governed by contrasting mechanisms: A seasonal perspective. Molecular Ecology. 2020, 29:3762-3776.
5.Huang L, Guo HP*, Chen C, Huang XL, Chen W, Bao FJ, Liu W, Wang SP, Zhang DM*. The bacteria from large-sized bioflocs are more associated with the shrimp gut microbiota in culture system. Aquaculture. 2020. 523:735159.
6.Zhang HJ, Xie WJ, Hou FR, Hu J, Yao ZY, Zhao QF, Zhang DM*,Response of microbial community to the lysis of Phaeocystis globosa induced by a biological algicide, prodigiosin. Environmental Pollution. 2020,265:115047.
7.Zhang HJ, Hou FR, Xie WJ, Wang K, Zhou XY, Zhang DM*, Zhu XY*. Interaction and assembly processes of abundant and rare microbial communities during a diatom bloom process. Environmental Microbiology. 2020. Doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.14820.
8.Hou FR, Zhang HJ*, Xie WJ, Zhou XY, Zhu XY, Zhang DM*. Co-occurrence patterns and assembly processes of microeukaryotic communities in an early-spring diatom bloom. Science of the Total Environment. 2020. 711:134624.
9.Wang K*, Hu HJ, Yan HZ, Hou DD, Wang YT, Dong PS, Zhang DM*. Archaeal biogeography and interactions with microbial community across complex subtropical coastal waters. Molecular Ecology. 2019. 28(12): 3101-3118.
10.Liu JJ, Wang K*, Wang YT, Chen W, Jin ZW, Yao ZY and Zhang DM*. Strain-specific changes in the gut microbiota profiles of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in response to cold stress. Aquaculture. 2019. 503:357-366.
11.Liu ZD, Qiuqian L, Yao Z, Wang X, Huang L, Zheng JL, Li LG, Wang K, Zhang DM*. Effects of a commercial microbial agent on the bacterial communities in shrimp culture system. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2018. 9: 2430.
12.Zhang HJ#, Huang XL#, Huang L, Bao FJ, Xiong SL, Wang K*, Zhang DM*. Microeukaryotic biogeography in the typical subtropical coastal waters with multiple environmental gradients. Science of the Total Environment. 2018. 635: 618-628.
13.Yao ZY, Yang, KJ, Huang L, Huang XL, Qiuqian LL, Wang K, Zhang DM*. Disease outbreak accompanies the dispersive structure of shrimp gut bacterial community with a simple core microbiota. AMB Express. 2018. 8(1): 120.
14.Chen HP, Zhang HJ, Xiong JB, Wang K, Zhu JL, Zhu XY, Zhou XY, Zhang DM*. Successional trajectories of bacterioplankton community over the complete cycle of a sudden phytoplankton bloom in the Xiangshan Bay, East China Sea. Environmental Polluton. 2016. 219: 750–759.
15.Wang K, Ye XS, Chen HP, Zhao QF, Hu CJ, He JY, Qian YX, Xiong JB, Zhu JL and Zhang DM*. Bacterial biogeography in the coastal waters of northern Zhejiang, East China Sea is highly controlled by spatially structured environmental gradients. Enviromental Microbiology. 2015. 17(10): 3898-3913.
16.Xiong JB, Wang K, Wu JF, Qiuqian LL, Yang KJ, Qian YX, Zhang DM*. Changes in intestinal bacterial communities are closely associated with shrimp disease severity. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2015. 99(16): 6911-6919.
17.Xiong JB, Zhu JL, Wang K, Wang X, Ye XS, Liu L, Zhao QF, Hou MH, Qiuqian LL, Zhang DM*. The temporal scaling of bacterioplankton composition: high turnover and predictability during shrimp cultivation. Microbial Ecology. 2014. 67 (2): 256-264.
18.Hou MH, Xiong JB, Wang K, Ye XS, Ye R, Wang Q, Hu CJ, Zhang DM*.Communities of sediment ammonia-oxidizing bacteria along a coastal pollution gradient in the East China Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2014. 86: 147-153.
19.Zhang DM*, Wang X, Xiong JB, Zhu JL, Wang YN, Zhao QF, Chen HP, Guo AN, Wu JF, and Dai HP. Bacterioplankton assemblages as biological indicators of shrimp health status. Ecological Indicators. 2014. 38: 218-224.
20.Zhang DM, Yang HF, Huang ZY, Zhang W, Liu SJ*. Rhodopseudomonas faecalis sp. nov., a phototrophic bacterium isolated from an anaerobic reactor that digests chicken faeces. International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology. 2002. 52(6): 2055-2060.
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