Qingxiang Sun
  • Associate Researcher, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy Sichuan University
Research focus
  • Biological sciences
  • 1 Author merit


PHD, National Univesity of Singapore , 2010


Li, Y., J. Zhou, S. Min, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Q. Zhou, X. Shen, D. Jia, J. Han and Q. Sun (2019). "Distinct RanBP1 nuclear export and cargo dissociation mechanisms between fungi and animals." Elife 8.e41331

Yao, J., F. Yang, X. Sun, S. Wang, N. Gan, Q. Liu, D. Liu, X. Zhang, D. Niu, Y. Wei, C. Ma, Z. Q. Luo, Q. Sun and D. Jia (2018). "Mechanism of inhibition of retromer transport by the bacterial effector RidL." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115(7): E1446-E1454.

Sun Q, Xin Yong, Xiaodong Sun, Fan Yang, Zhonghua Dai, Yanqiu Gong, Liming Zhou, Xia Zhang, Dawen Niu, Lunzhi Dai, Jia-jia Liu, Da Jia (2017) Structural and functional insights into sorting nexin 5/6 interaction with bacterial effector IncE. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 2, 17030

Sun Q, X Chen, Q Zhou, E Burstein, S Yang, D Jia# (2016) Inhibiting cancer cell hallmark features through nuclear export inhibition. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 1, 16010

Sun Q, Carrasco YP, Hu Y, Guo X, Mirzaei H, Macmillan J, Chook YM (2013) Nuclear export inhibition through covalent conjugation and hydrolysis of Leptomycin B by CRM1. PNAS 110: 1303-1308

1 Protocol published
Authors:  Yuping Tan and Qingxiang Sun, date: 01/20/2021, view: 2143, Q&A: 0

Small GTPases are cellular switches that are switched on when bound to GTP and switched off when bound to GDP. Different small GTPase proteins or those with mutations may bind to GTP or GDP with different relative affinities. However, small GTPases

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