Hirokazu Tsukaya Biological Science The University of Tokyo
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Xiaofeng Yin
  • Post-Doc, Department of Biological Sciences The University of Tokyo
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, The University of Tokyo, 2016


1. Xiaofeng Yin. In press. Phyllotaxis: from Classical Knowledge to Molecular Genetics. Journal of Plant Research.
2. Xiaofeng Yin and Hirokazu Tsukaya. 2019. Morphogenesis of Flattened Unifacial Leaves in Juncus prismatocarpus (Juncaceae). New Phytologist. 222: 1101-1111.
3. Xiaofeng Yin and Roger Meicenheimer. 2017. Anisotomous Dichotomy Results from an Unequal Bifurcation of the Original Shoot Apical Meristem in Diphasiastrum digitatum (Lycopodiaceae). American Journal of Botany. 104: 782-786.
4. Xiaofeng Yin and Roger Meicenheimer. 2017. The Ontogeny, Phyllotactic Diversity, and Discontinuous Transitions of Diphasiastrum digitatum (Lycopodiaceae). American Journal of Botany. 104: 8-23. (Highlighted article)
5. Xiaofeng Yin and Hirokazu Tsukaya. 2016. A Pulse-chase Strategy for EdU Labelling Assay Is Able to Rapidly Quantify Cell Division Orientation. New Phytologist. 211: 1462-1469.
6. Xiaofeng Yin, Christian Lacroix, and Denis Barabé. 2011. Phyllotactic Transitions in Seedlings: the Case of Thuja occidentalis L. Botany. 89: 387-396.
7. Denis Barabé, Laura Bourque, Xiaofeng Yin, and Christian Lacroix. 2010. Phyllotaxis of the Palm Euterpe oleraceae Mart. at the Level of the Shoot Apical Meristem. Botany. 88: 528-536.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Xiaofeng Yin and Hirokazu Tsukaya, date: 01/05/2021, view: 1269, Q&A: 0
In plants, the morphological diversity of leaves is largely determined by cell division, especially cell division orientation. Whereas cell division itself is easily monitored, the detection and quantification of cell division orientation are ...
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