• Post-Doc, 北京生命科学研究所
Research focus
  • Stem cell
  • Drosophila intestine, stem cells, cancer, single cell


Ph.D, Beijing Normal universitiy, 2019

Lab information

Rongwen Xi lab,
national institute of biological sciences, beijing


Xingting Guo; Huanwei Huang; Ziqing Yang; Tao Cai; Rongwen Xi*; Divisio
n of Labor: Roles of Groucho and CtBP in Notch-Mediated Lateral Inhibition that
Controls Intestinal Stem Cell Differentiation in Drosophila , Stem Cell
Reports, 2019, 12(5): 1007-1023.
Xingting Guo#; Chang Yin#; Fu Yang#; Yongchao Zhang#; Huanwei Huang;
Jiawen Wang; Bowen Deng; Tao Cai; Yi Rao; Rongwen Xi*; The Cellular Diversity and Transcription Factor Code of Drosophila Enteroendocrine Cells , Cell Reports, 2019, 29(12): 4172-4185.e5.
Zhaohui Li#; Xingting Guo#; Huanwei Huang#; Chenhui Wang; Fu Yang;
Yongchao Zhang; Jiawen Wang; Lu Han; Zhen Jin; Tao Cai; Rongwen Xi*; A Switch in Tissue Stem Cell Identity Causes Neuroendocrine Tumors in Drosophila Gut , Cell Reports, 2020, 30(6): 1724-1734.e4.
Wang Chenhui; Guo Xingting; Dou Kun; Chen Hongyan; Xi Rongwen*; Ttk69
acts as a master repressor of enteroendocrine cell specification in Drosophila
intestinal stem cell lineages., Development (Cambridge, England), 2015, 142(19)
: 3321-31.
Chenhui Wang; Xingting Guo; Rongwen Xi*; EGFR and Notch signaling
respectively regulate proliferative activity and multiple cell lineage
differentiation of Drosophila gastric stem cells, Cell Research, 2014, 24(220):
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