Claudia Mori Department of Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Sao Paulo, 2014-
1 protocol

Maria Bernardi Graduate Program in Environmental and Experimental Pathology, Graduate Program in Dentistry., Paulista University, 1992-2020
1 protocol

Silvia Massironi Pathoogy, FMVZ/USP, 2017-2020
1 protocol

Cezar Guizzo Chemistry Department, University of São Paulo / Institute of Chemistry, São Paulo
1 protocol

Dennis A. Zanatto
  • PhD Student, Department of Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Research focus
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  • 1 Author merit


MSc, University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil


• Yamamoto, P. K., de Souza, T. A., Antiorio, A., Zanatto, D. A., Garcia-Gomes, M. S. A., Alexandre-Ribeiro, S. R., Oliveira, N. S., Menck, C. F. M., Bernardi, M. M., Massironi, S. M. G. and Mori, C. M. C. (2019). Genetic and behavioral characterization of a Kmt2d mouse mutant, a new model for Kabuki Syndrome. Genes Brain Behav 18(8): e12568.
• Aleman-Laporte, J., Bandini, L. A., Garcia-Gomes, M. S., Zanatto, D. A., Fantoni, D. T., Amador Pereira, M. A., Navas-Suarez, P. E., Kirsten, T. B., Jimenez, R. R., Alvarado, G. and Mori, C. C. (2019). Combination of ketamine and xylazine with opioids and acepromazine in rats: Physiological changes and their analgesic effect analysed by ultrasonic vocalization. Lab Anim: 23677219850211.
• Costa, R. C., Mesquita, L. P., de Oliveira, I. M., Jr., Zannato, D. A., Emanuel Dos Santos Mesquita, L., Biihrer, D. A., de Oliveira Massoco Salles Gomes, C., Varaschin, M. S. and Maiorka, P. C. (2019). The pathogenicity of two Neospora caninum goat strains in a BALB/c mouse model. Exp Parasitol 205: 107736.
• Rodrigues, L. L., Mesquita., Leonardo. Pereira., Zanatto, Dennis. Albert. and Maiorka, P. C. (2019). Síndrome de Horner em cães e gatos - revisão. Clínica veterinaria v. 138, p. 34-40.
• Tada Fonseca Brasil Antiorio, Ana ; Cintra, Luciana ; Carolina Millán Olivato, Márcia ; De Rosa Trotta, Mauricio ; Regina De Luca, Rosália ; Albert Zanatto, Dennis and Madalena Cabrera Mori, Claudia. (2019). Capacitação em Ciência de Animais de Laboratório. Revista de Educação Continuada em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia do CRMV-SP, v. 17, p. 8-15,
• Mesquita, L. P., Gamon, T. H. M., Cuevas, S. E. C., Asano, K. M., Fahl, W. O., Iamamoto, K., Scheffer, K. C., Achkar, S. M., Zanatto, D. A., Mori, C. M. C., Maiorka, P. C. and Mori, E. (2017). A rabies virus vampire bat variant shows increased neuroinvasiveness in mice when compared to a carnivore variant. Arch Virol 162(12): 3671-3679.
• Mesquita, L. P., Arevalo, A. F., Zanatto, D. A., Miyashiro, S. I., Cunha, E. M. S., de Souza, M., Villalobos, E. M. C., Mori, C. M. C., Maiorka, P. C. and Mori, E. (2017). Equine herpesvirus type 1 induces both neurological and respiratory disease in Syrian hamsters. Vet Microbiol 203: 117-124.
1 Protocol published
A Simple and Fast Battery Test for Phenotypic Characterization of Mice
Despite the great number of test batteries already known to assess the behavior of genetically modified and inbred strains of mice, only a few of them focus on basic neurological parameters. The purpose of the battery test proposed is to settle a ...
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