Erh-Min Lai Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, 2001-
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Hsiao-Han Lin
  • Post-Doc, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • plant-microbe interactions
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University, 2020

Lab information

Mortimer Lab @ Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

• Lin, H. H., Yu, M., Sriramoju, M. K., Hsu, S. D., Liu, C. T. and Lai, E. M. (2019). A High-Throughput Interbacterial Competition Screen Identifies ClpAP in Enhancing Recipient Susceptibility to Type VI Secretion System-Mediated Attack by Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Front Microbiol 10: 3077.
• Lin, H. H., Huang, H. M., Yu, M., Lai, E. M., Chien, H. L. and Liu, C. T. (2018). Functional Exploration of the Bacterial Type VI Secretion System in Mutualism: Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS571-Sesbania rostrata as a Research Model. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 31(8): 856-867.
• Wang, J. H., Lin, H. H., Liu, C. T., Lin, T. C., Liu, L. Y. and Lee, K. T. (2014). Transcriptomic analysis reveals that reactive oxygen species and genes encoding lipid transfer protein are associated with tobacco hairy root growth and branch development. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 27(7): 678-687.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Hsiao-Han Lin and Erh-Min Lai, date: 09/05/2020, view: 2118, Q&A: 0
Contact-dependent interbacterial competition is a common strategy used by bacteria to fight for their ecological niches. Interbacterial competition is monitored by a competition assay involving co-culturing the attacker and the recipient bacterial ...
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