Joyita Mukherjee
  • Post-Doc, The Francis Crick Institute
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • RNP assembly, Developing tools to study RNP association, RNP in disease and development


Dr. rer. nat, University of Tuebingen, 2019

Lab information

Jernej Ule lab


1. Mukherjee, J., Franz-Wachtel, M., Maček, B. and Jansen, R. (2020). RNA Interactome Identification via RNA-BioID in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts. Bio-protocol 10(1): e3476. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3476.
2. Mukherjee, J., Jansen, R-J. β-actin mRNA interactome mapping by proximity biotinylation. PNAS. 2019 June 25; 116 (26) 12863-12872.
3. Mukherjee, J., Adhya, S. Vesicular transport of a ribonucleoprotein to mitochondria. Biol Open. 2014 Nov 15; 3(11): 1083–1091.
Published abstract
Mukherjee, J., Adhya, S. Endosome Independent - Vesicular Transport and Targeting of the Leishmania RNA Import Complex to Mammalian Mitochondria in Vivo and in Vitro. The FASEB Journal. 2015 April 15; 1083–1091.
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