Ketul Popat Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
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Roberta M Sabino
  • PhD Student, School of Advanced Materials Discovery, Colorado State University, 2017-
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BS in Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2014


• Sabino, R. M., Kauk, K., Movafaghi, S., Kota, A. and Popat, K. C. (2019). Interaction of blood plasma proteins with superhemophobic titania nanotube surfaces. Nanomedicine 21: 102046.
• Ramin, B. B. S., Rufato, K. B., Sabino, R. M., Popat, K. C., Kipper, M. J., Martins, A. F. and Muniz, E. C. (2019). Chitosan/iota-carrageenan/curcumin-based materials performed by precipitating miscible solutions prepared in ionic liquid. J Mol Liq 290: 111199.
• de Oliveira, A. C., Sabino, R. M., Souza, P. R., Muniz, E. C., Popat, K. C., Kipper, M. J., Zola, R. S. and Martins, A. F. (2020). Chitosan/gellan gum ratio content into blends modulates the scaffolding capacity of hydrogels on bone mesenchymal stem cells. Mat Sci Eng: C 106: 110258.
• Berton, S. B. R., de Jesus, G. A. M., Sabino, R. M., Monteiro, J. P., Venter, S. A. S., Bruschi, M. L., Popat, K. C., Matsushita, M., Martins, A. F. and Bonafé, E. G. (2020). Properties of a commercial κ-carrageenan food ingredient and its durable superabsorbent hydrogels. Carbohydr Res 487: 107883.
1 Protocol published
Evaluating Whole Blood Clotting in vitro on Biomaterial Surfaces
Authors:  Roberta M Sabino and Ketul C Popat, date: 02/05/2020, view: 2859, Q&A: 0
Biomaterial-associated thrombosis is still a major concern for blood-contacting implants. After the medical device is implanted and comes in contact with blood, several complex reactions occur, which may lead to thrombus formation and failure of the ...
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