Peter Hitchcock University of Michigan Ann Arbor
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Mikiko Nagashima
  • Research Investigator, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences University of Michigan
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Kanazawa University, 2009


Nagashima, M., Hitchcock. F.P. Whole-mount immunohistochemistry of adult zebrafish retina. (accepted)

Nunley, N., Nagashima, M., Martin, K., Gonzalez, A.L., Suzuki, S.C., Norton, D., Wong, R.O., Raymond, P.A., Lubensky, D.K. Defect patterns on the curved surface of fish retinae suggest mechanism of cone mosaic formation. doi: (accepted)

Lahne M, Nagashima M, Hyde RD, Hitchcock FP. 2020. Reprogramming Muller Glia to Regenerate Retinal Neurons. Annu. Rev. Vis. Sci. Vol. 6:-(Volume publication date September 2020) PMID: 32343929.

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Silva, N.J., Nagashima, M., Li, J., Kakuk-Atkins, L., Ashrafzadeh, M., Hyde, D.R., Hitchcock. F.P. Inflammation and Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 (Mmp-9) Regulate Photoreceptor Regeneration in Adult Zebrafish. Glia. 68: 1445-1495. PMID: 32034934.

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1 Protocol published
Whole-mount Immunohistochemistry of Adult Zebrafish Retina for Advanced Imaging
Authors:  Mikiko Nagashima and Peter F. Hitchcock, date: 12/20/2020, view: 1947, Q&A: 0

Immunohistochemistry is a widely used technique to examine the expression and subcellular localization of proteins. This technique relies on the specificity of antibodies and requires adequate penetration of antibodies into tissues. The latter is

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