Anca Savulescu University of Cape Town
22 protocols

Edgar Soria-Gomez Faculty of Medicine and Nursery, University of the Basque Country
27 protocols

Soyun Kim University of California Irvine
63 protocols

Tarique Bagalkot University of Pittsburgh
1 protocol

Dhruv Rajanikant Patel
  • Post-Doc, Oligomerix, Inc.
Research focus
  • Neuroscience
  • Alzheimer's Disease, Tauopathies and Parkinson's Disease


Ph.D., Rush University, 2019

Lab information

Patel Lab


2 Protocols reviewed
Relative Quantification of NaV1.1 Protein in Mouse Brains Using a Meso Scale Discovery-Electrochemiluminescence (MSD-ECL) Method
Authors:  Zhou Han, Anne Christiansen, Meena and Gene Liau, date: 02/05/2021, view: 659, Q&A: 0

Densitometric analysis is often used to quantify NaV1.1 protein on immunoblots, although the sensitivity and dilution linearity of the method are usually poor. Here we present a protocol for quantification of NaV1.1 in mouse brain tissues using a

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An Alternative Maze to Assess Novel Object Recognition in Mice
The novel object recognition (NOR) task is a behavioral test commonly used to evaluate episodic-like declarative memory and it relies on the innate tendency of rodents to explore novelty. Here we present a maze used to evaluate NOR memory in mice ...
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