Dorothee Dormann LMU Munich Martinsried-Planegg
1 protocol

Saskia Hutten
  • Post-Doc, Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • biochemistry, cell biology, neurodegeneration
  • 1 Author merit


Dr., University of Goettingen, 2007

Lab information

Dorothee Dormann's Lab

1 Protocol published
Authors:  Saskia Hutten and Dorothee Dormann, date: 12/20/2020, view: 1916, Q&A: 0

Stress granules (SGs) are membrane-less organelles that form in the cytoplasm through phase separation, in response to diverse stressors. SGs contain translationally stalled mRNAs, proteins involved in translation, and various RNA-binding proteins

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