Eleni Dotsika Laboratory of Cellular Immunology & National Reference Laboratory for Leishmaniasis, Department of Microbiology, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece
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Kalliopi Karampetsou Laboratory of Cellular Immunology & National Reference Laboratory for Leishmaniasis, Department of Microbiology, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece
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Olga S. Koutsoni
  • Special Technical Scientist, Microbiology, Laboratory of Cellular Immunology & National Reference Laboratory for Leishmaniasis, Department of Microbiology, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece
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Ph.D, Faculty of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 2015


• Barhoumi, M., Koutsoni, O. S., Dotsika, E. and Guizani, I. (2019). Leishmania infantum LeIF and its recombinant polypeptides induce the maturation of dendritic cells in vitro: An insight for dendritic cells based vaccine. Immunol Lett 210: 20-28.
• Koutsoni, O. S., Barhoumi, M., Guizani, I. and Dotsika, E. (2019). New Insights on the Adjuvant Properties of the Leishmania infantum Eukaryotic Initiation Factor. J Immunol Res 2019: 9124326.
• Koutsoni, O. S., Karampetsou, K., Kyriazis, I. D., Stathopoulos, P., Aligiannis, N., Halabalaki, M., Skaltsounis, L. A. and Dotsika, E. (2018). Evaluation of total phenolic fraction derived from extra virgin olive oil for its antileishmanial activity. Phytomedicine 47: 143-150.
• Papastamatiou, T., Routsias, J. G., Koutsoni, O., Dotsika, E., Tsakris, A. and Spoulou, V. (2018). Evaluation of Protective Efficacy of Selected Immunodominant B-Cell Epitopes within Virulent Surface Proteins of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Infect Immun 86(3).
• Koutsoni, O. S., Routsias, J. G., Kyriazis, I. D., Barhoumi, M., Guizani, I., Tsakris, A. and Dotsika, E. (2017). In silico analysis and in vitro evaluation of immunogenic and immunomodulatory properties of promiscuous peptides derived from Leishmania infantum eukaryotic initiation factor. Bioorg Med Chem 25(21): 5904-5916.
• Kyriazis, I. D., Smirlis, D., Papadaki, A., Koutsoni, O., Aligiannis, N., Skaltsounis, A. L. and Dotsika, E. (2017). Leishmanicidal activity of oleuropein: Leishmania donovani promastigote cell death through a possibly Ros-independent mechanism.
• Kyriazis, I. D., Koutsoni, O. S., Aligiannis, N., Karampetsou, K., Skaltsounis, A. L. and Dotsika, E., (2016).The leishmanicidal activity of oleuropein is selectively regulated through inflammation- and oxidative stress-related gene. Parasit Vectors. 2016 Aug 9;9(1):441.
• Tseveleki, V., Tselios, T., Kanistras, I., Koutsoni, O., Karamita, M., Vamvakas, S. S., Apostolopoulos, V., Dotsika, E., Matsoukas, J., Lassmann, H. and Probert, L. (2015). Mannan-conjugated myelin peptides prime non-pathogenic Th1 and Th17 cells and ameliorate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Exp Neurol 267: 254-267.
• Agallou, M., Athanasiou, E., Koutsoni, O., Dotsika, E. and Karagouni, E. (2014). Experimental Validation of Multi-Epitope Peptides Including Promising MHC Class I- and II-Restricted Epitopes of Four Known Leishmania infantum Proteins. Front Immunol 5: 268.
• Koutsoni, O., Barhoumi, M., Guizani, I. and Dotsika, E. (2014). Leishmania eukaryotic initiation factor (LeIF) inhibits parasite growth in murine macrophages. PLoS One 9(5): e97319.
• Papagiannopoulos, I. A., Sideris, V. I., Boschmann, M., Koutsoni, O. S. and Dotsika, E. N. (2013). Anthropometric, hemodynamic, metabolic, and renal responses during 5 days of food and water deprivation. Forsch Komplementmed 20(6): 427-433.
• Tseveleki, V., Tsagozis, P., Koutsoni, O., Dotsika, E. and Probert, L. (2007). Cellular FLIP long isoform transgenic mice overcome inherent Th2-biased immune responses to efficiently resolve Leishmania major infection. Int Immunol 19(10): 1183-1189.
• Lohoff, M., Gessner, A., Bogdan, C. and Rollinghoff, M. (1998). The Th1/Th2 paradigm and experimental murine leishmaniasis. Int Arch Allergy Immunol 115(3): 191-202.
2 Protocols published
Quantification of Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species in Leishmania-infected J774A.1 Macrophages as a Response to the in vitro Treatment with a Natural Product Compound
Authors:  Kalliopi Karampetsou, Olga S. Koutsoni and Eleni Dotsika, date: 12/05/2019, view: 1896, Q&A: 0
Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease caused by the obligatory intracellular protozoa Leishmania spp. Current therapeutic options are limited and thus, drug discovery against leishmaniasis is very important. Nevertheless, there is a great ...
In vitro Screening of Antileishmanial Activity of Natural Product Compounds: Determination of IC50, CC50 and SI Values
Authors:  Olga S. Koutsoni, Kalliopi Karampetsou and Eleni Dotsika, date: 11/05/2019, view: 2181, Q&A: 0
Neglected tropical diseases gain the scientific interest of numerous research programs in an attempt to achieve their effective control or elimination. In this attempt, more cutting-edge public health policies and research are needed for the ...
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