Wael Jarjour Rheumatology & Immunology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus
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Lai Chu Wu Rheumatology & Immunology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus
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Caitlin Henry Rheumatology & Immunology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus
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Abigail Foster Rheumatology & Immunology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus
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William L. Willis
  • Research scientist, Rheumatology & Immunology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus
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PhD, Ohio State University, United States, 2013


• Willis, W. L., Wang, L., Wada, T. T., Gardner, M., Abdouni, O., Hampton, J., Valiente, G., Young, N., Ardoin, S., Agarwal, S., Freitas, M. A., Wu, L. C. and Jarjour, W. N. (2018). The proinflammatory protein HMGB1 is a substrate of transglutaminase-2 and forms high-molecular weight complexes with autoantigens. J Biol Chem 293(22): 8394-8409.
• Aqel, S. I., Hampton, J. M., Bruss, M., Jones, K. T., Valiente, G. R., Wu, L. C., Young, M. C., Willis, W. L., Ardoin, S., Agarwal, S., Bolon, B., Powell, N., Sheridan, J., Schlesinger, N., Jarjour, W. N. and Young, N. A. (2017). Daily Moderate Exercise Is Beneficial and Social Stress Is Detrimental to Disease Pathology in Murine Lupus Nephritis. Front Physiol 8: 236.
• Young, N. A., Valiente, G. R., Hampton, J. M., Wu, L. C., Burd, C. J., Willis, W. L., Bruss, M., Steigelman, H., Gotsatsenko, M., Amici, S. A., Severin, M., Claverie, L. M., Guerau-de-Arellano, M., Lovett-Racke, A., Ardoin, S. and Jarjour, W. N. (2017). Estrogen-regulated STAT1 activation promotes TLR8 expression to facilitate signaling via microRNA-21 in systemic lupus erythematosus. Clin Immunol 176: 12-22.
• Young, N. A., Bruss, M. S., Gardner, M., Willis, W. L., Mo, X., Valiente, G. R., Cao, Y., Liu, Z., Jarjour, W. N. and Wu, L. C. (2014). Oral administration of nano-emulsion curcumin in mice suppresses inflammatory-induced NFkappaB signaling and macrophage migration. PLoS One 9(11): e111559.
• Willis, W. L., Hariharan, S., David, J. J. and Strauch, A. R. (2013). Transglutaminase-2 mediates calcium-regulated crosslinking of the Y-box 1 (YB-1) translation-regulatory protein in TGFbeta1-activated myofibroblasts. J Cell Biochem 114(12): 2753-2769.
• David, J. J., Subramanian, S. V., Zhang, A., Willis, W. L., Kelm, R. J., Jr., Leier, C. V. and Strauch, A. R. (2012). Y-box binding protein-1 implicated in translational control of fetal myocardial gene expression after cardiac transplant. Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 237(5): 593-607.
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• Hutzen, B., Willis, W., Jones, S., Cen, L., Deangelis, S., Fuh, B. and Lin, J. (2009). Dietary agent, benzyl isothiocyanate inhibits signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 phosphorylation and collaborates with sulforaphane in the growth suppression of PANC-1 cancer cells. Cancer Cell Int 9: 24.
• Eiring, A. M., Neviani, P., Santhanam, R., Oaks, J. J., Chang, J. S., Notari, M., Willis, W., Gambacorti-Passerini, C., Volinia, S., Marcucci, G., Caligiuri, M. A., Leone, G. W. and Perrotti, D. (2008). Identification of novel posttranscriptional targets of the BCR/ABL oncoprotein by ribonomics: requirement of E2F3 for BCR/ABL leukemogenesis. Blood 111(2): 816-828.
1 Protocol published
In vitro Crosslinking Reactions and Substrate Incorporation Assays for The Identification of Transglutaminase-2 Protein Substrates
Authors:  William L. Willis, Abigail Foster, Caitlin Henry, Lai Chu Wu and Wael Jarjour, date: 06/20/2020, view: 1595, Q&A: 0
Transglutaminase (TG2) catalyzes protein crosslinking between glutamyl and lysyl residues. Catalytic activity occurs via a transamidation mechanism resulting in the formation of isopeptide bonds. Since TG2-mediated transamidation is of mechanistic ...
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