Abhinaba Ghosh Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University Of Newfoundland, 2016-2020
1 protocol

Samantha J. Carew
  • Graduate, BioMedical Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's
Research focus
  • Learning, Memory, Fear Conditioning, Cellular Neuroscience, Engrams, Systems Neuroscience, Molecular Neuroscience, Pheromones, Olfaction
  • 1 Author merit


Bachelor of Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2015

Lab information

Qi Yuan Lab


1 Protocol published
Shared Pheromonal Communication of Specific Fear Between Adult Sprague Dawley Rats
Authors:  Samantha J. Carew and Abhinaba Ghosh, date: 03/20/2020, view: 1411, Q&A: 0
Rats are highly social animals, and mainly communicate with one another in two ways: through ultrasonic vocalizations and pheromones. Most research on pheromones has been dedicated those regarding sexual behavior, but more recently pheromones which ...
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