Magali S. Grison
  • Biotech engineer, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Research focus
  • Intercellular Communication Membrane Biology
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Bordeaux, 2018

Lab information

Emmanuelle Bayer Lab


• Song, J., Sun, S., Ren, H., Grison, M., Boutté, Y., Bai, W. and Men, S. (2019). The SMO1 Family of Sterol 4α-Methyl Oxidases Is Essential for Auxin- and Cytokinin-Regulated Embryogenesis. Plant Physiology 181(2): 578-594.
• Yan, D., Yadav, S. R., Paterlini, A., Nicolas, W. J., Petit, J. D., Brocard, L., Belevich, I., Grison, M. S., Vaten, A., Karami, L., el-Showk, S., Lee, J.-Y., Murawska, G. M., Mortimer, J., Knoblauch, M., Jokitalo, E., Markham, J. E., Bayer, E. M. and Helariutta, Y. (2019). Sphingolipid biosynthesis modulates plasmodesmal ultrastructure and phloem unloading. Nature Plants 5(6): 604-615.
• Grison, M. S., Kirk, P., Brault, M. L., Wu, X. N., Schulze, W. X., Benitez-Alfonso, Y., Immel, F. and Bayer, E. M. (2019). Plasma Membrane-Associated Receptor-like Kinases Relocalize to Plasmodesmata in Response to Osmotic Stress. Plant Physiology 181(1): 142-160.
• Mamode Cassim, A., Gouguet, P., Gronnier, J., Laurent, N., Germain, V., Grison, M., Boutté, Y., Gerbeau-Pissot, P., Simon-Plas, F. and Mongrand, S. (2019). Plant lipids: Key players of plasma membrane organization and function. Progress in Lipid Research 73: 1-27.
• Brault, M. L., Petit, J. D., Immel, F., Nicolas, W. J., Glavier, M., Brocard, L., Gaston, A., Fouché, M., Hawkins, T. J., Crowet, J.-M., Grison, M. S., Germain, V., Rocher, M., Kraner, M., Alva, V., Claverol, S., Paterlini, A., Helariutta, Y., Deleu, M., Lins, L., Tilsner, J. and Bayer, E. M. (2019). Multiple C2 domains and transmembrane region proteins (MCTPs) tether membranes at plasmodesmata. EMBO reports 20(8): e47182.
• Nicolas, W., Grison, M., Bayer, E., Pietro, G. and Di Sansebastiano, G. (2017). Shaping intercellular channels of plasmodesmata: the structure-to-function missing link. journal of experimental bothany.
• Nicolas, W. J., Grison, M. S., Trépout, S., Gaston, A., Fouché, M., Cordelières, F. P., Oparka, K., Tilsner, J., Brocard, L. and Bayer, E. M. (2017). Architecture and permeability of post-cytokinesis plasmodesmata lacking cytoplasmic sleeves. Nature Plants 3(7): 17082.
• Zhang, X., Sun, S., Nie, X., Boutté, Y., Grison, M., Li, P., Kuang, S. and Men, S. (2016). Sterol Methyl Oxidases Affect Embryo Development via Auxin-Associated Mechanisms. Plant Physiology 171(1): 468-482.
• Grison, M., Brocard, L., Fouillen, L., Nicolas, W., Wewer, V., Dörmann, P., Nacir, H., Benitez-Alfonso, Y., Claverol, S., Germain, V., Boutté, Y., Mongrand, S. and Bayer, E. (2015). Specific Membrane Lipid Composition Is Important for Plasmodesmata Function in Arabidopsis. The Plant cell 27.
• Grison, M., Fernandez-Calvino, L., Mongrand, S. and Bayer, E. (2015). Isolation of Plasmodesmata from Arabidopsis Suspension Culture Cells. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 1217: 83-93.
• Grison, M. and Bayer, E. (2012). Dissecting plasmodesmata molecular composition by mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Frontiers in plant science 3: 307.
• Coulon, D., Faure, L., Wattelet, V., Bessoule, J.-J. and Grison, M. (2011). Occurrence, Biosynthesis and Functions of N Acylphosphatidylethanolamines (NAPE): not just Precursors of N-Acylethanolamines (NAE). Biochimie 94.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Magali S. Grison, Jules D. Petit, Marie Glavier and Emmanuelle M. Bayer, date: 03/05/2020, view: 2517, Q&A: 0
Intercellular communication plays a crucial role in the establishment of multicellular organisms by organizing and coordinating growth, development and defence responses. In plants, cell-to-cell communication takes place through nanometric membrane ...
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