Robert Cumming Biology, Western University, London
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Richard Harris Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa
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Ariel Frame Neuroscience, Western University, 2016-
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Asad Lone
  • PhD Candidate, Biology, Western University, 2014-2019
Research focus
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  • 1 Author merit


Honours BSc, McMaster University, Canada, 2013


• Harris, R.A.*, Lone, A.*, Heeseung, L., Martinez, F., Frame, A.K., Scholl, T.J. & Cumming, R.C. (2019) Aerobic Glycolysis Is Required for Spatial Memory Acquisition But Not Memory Retrieval in Mice. eNeuro 6(1) e0389-18.2019: 1–9 2.
• Lone, A., Harris, R.A., Singh, O., Betts, H.D. & Cumming, R.C. (2018) p66Shc activation promotes increased oxidative phosphorylation and renders CNS cells more vulnerable to amyloid beta toxicity. Scientific Reports 8:17081 3.
• Harris, R.A., Tindale, L., Lone, A., Singh, O., Macauley, S.L., Stanley, M., Holtzman, D.M., Bartha, R. & Cumming, R.C. (2016) Aerobic glycolysis in the frontal cortex correlates with memory performance in wild-type mice but not the APP/PS1 mouse model of cerebral amyloidosis. The Journal of Neuroscience 36: 1871-1878.
• Hans, H.*, Lone, A.*, Aksenov, V., & Rollo, C. D. (2015). Impacts of metformin and aspirin on life history features and longevity of crickets: trade-offs versus cost-free life extension? Age 37: 1-16.
1 Protocol published
Simple Protocol for Distinguishing Drug-induced Effects on Spatial Memory Acquisition, Consolidation and Retrieval in Mice Using the Morris Water Maze
Authors:  Ariel K. Frame, Asad Lone, Richard A. Harris and Robert C. Cumming, date: 09/20/2019, view: 4655, Q&A: 0
The Morris water maze (MWM) is one of the most commonly used tests for assessing spatial learning and memory in mice. While the MWM is highly amenable to testing the effects of memory modifying drugs, most studies do not consider the timing or ...
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