Hartmut Stützel Leibniz University Hannover
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Tsu-Wei Chen Leibniz University Hannover
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Yi-Chen Pao
  • PhD student, Institute of Horticultural Production Systems, Leibniz University Hannover, 2015-
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M. Sc., National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2014


• Pao, Y. C., Chen, T. W., Moualeu-Ngangue, D. P. and Stutzel, H. (2019). Environmental triggers for photosynthetic protein turnover determine the optimal nitrogen distribution and partitioning in the canopy. J Exp Bot 70(9): 2419-2434.
• Pao, Y. C., Stutzel, H. and Chen, T. W. (2019). A mechanistic view of the reduction in photosynthetic protein abundance under diurnal light fluctuation. J Exp Bot 70(15): 3705-3708.
1 Protocol published
Experiments for in silico evaluation of Optimality of Photosynthetic Nitrogen Distribution and Partitioning in the Canopy: an Example Using Greenhouse Cucumber Plants
Authors:  Yi-Chen Pao, Tsu-Wei Chen, Dany Pascal Moualeu-Ngangue and Hartmut Stützel, date: 03/20/2020, view: 3106, Q&A: 0
Acclimation of leaf traits to fluctuating environments is a key mechanism to maximize fitness. One of the most important strategies in acclimation to changing light is to maintain efficient utilization of nitrogen in the photosynthetic apparatus by ...
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