Judith Stegmüller
  • Independent group leader, Neurology, RWTH Aachen University Hospital
Research focus
  • Neuroscience
  • 1 Author merit


Dr rer nat, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2002


• Joseph, S., Vingill, S., Jahn, O., Fledrich, R., Werner, H. B., Katona, I., Möbius, W., Mitkovski, M., Huang, Y., Weis, J., Sereda, M. W., Schulz, J. B., Nave, K. A. and Stegmüller, J. (2019). Myelinating Glia-Specific Deletion of Fbxo7 in Mice Triggers Axonal Degeneration in the Central Nervous System Together with Peripheral Neuropathy. J Neurosci 39(28): 5606-5626.
• Joseph, S., Schulz, J. B. and Stegmüller, J. (2018). Mechanistic contributions of FBXO7 to Parkinson disease. J Neurochem 144(2): 118-127.
• Stegmüller, J. and Synofzik, M. (2016). New transgenic ALS/FTD models on the rat-walk: An Editorial Highlight for 'Increased Ubqln2 expression causes neuron death in transgenic rats'. J Neurochem 139(2): 159-161.
• Vingill, S., Brockelt, D., Lancelin, C., Tatenhorst, L., Dontcheva, G., Preisinger, C., Schwedhelm-Domeyer, N., Joseph, S., Mitkovski, M., Goebbels, S., Nave, K. A., Schulz, J. B., Marquardt, T., Lingor, P. and Stegmuller, J. (2016). Loss of FBXO7 (PARK15) results in reduced proteasome activity and models a parkinsonism-like phenotype in mice. EMBO J 35(18): 2008-2025.
• Mukherjee, C., Holubowska, A., Schwedhelm-Domeyer, N., Mitkovski, M., Lee, S. J., Kannan, M., Matz, A., Vadhvani, M. and Stegmuller, J. (2015). Loss of the neuron-specific F-box protein FBXO41 models an ataxia-like phenotype in mice with neuronal migration defects and degeneration in the cerebellum. J Neurosci 35(23): 8701-8717.
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• Stegmüller J. (2013). The brake within: Shedding light on intrinsic mechanisms of axon growth regulation featuring the Cdh1-APC pathway, Translational Neuroscience, 4(3), 273-281
• Vadhvani, M., Schwedhelm-Domeyer, N., Mukherjee, C. and Stegmüller, J. (2013). The centrosomal E3 ubiquitin ligase FBXO31-SCF regulates neuronal morphogenesis and migration. PLoS One 8(2): e57530.
• Kannan, M., Lee, S. J., Schwedhelm-Domeyer, N., Nakazawa, T. and Stegmuller, J. (2012). p250GAP is a novel player in the Cdh1-APC/Smurf1 pathway of axon growth regulation. PLoS One 7(11): e50735.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Sabitha Joseph, Hauke B. Werner and Judith Stegmüller, date: 11/20/2019, view: 2673, Q&A: 0
In the nervous system of vertebrates, nerve impulse propagation is accelerated by the ensheathment of neuronal axons with myelin. Myelin sheaths are molecularly specialized, lipid-rich plasma membrane extensions of Schwann cells in the peripheral ...
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