Takuya Terai Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, 2019-0
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Chathuni Jayathilake Functional Material Science, Saitama University, 2017-2019
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Naoto Nemoto
  • Professor, Department of Functional Material Sciences , Saitama Uiversity, Saitama, 2008-2019
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Ph.D in Molecular Biophysics, Saitama University, Japan, 1996


Since 2016
• Jayathilake, C., Kumachi, S., Arai, H., Motohashi, M., Terai, T., Murakami, A. and Nemoto, N. (2020). In vitro selection of anti-gliadin single-domain antibodies from a naive library for cDNA-display mediated immuno-PCR. Anal Biochem 589: 113490.
• Anzai, H., Terai, T., Jayathilake, C., Suzuki, T. and Nemoto, N. (2019). A novel immuno-PCR method using cDNA display. Anal Biochem 578: 1-6.
• Terai, T., Anzai, H. and Nemoto, N. (2019). Selection of Peptides that Associate with Dye-Conjugated Solid Surfaces in a pH-Dependent Manner Using cDNA Display. ACS Omega 4(4): 7378-7384.
• Nemoto, N., Kumachi, S. and Arai, H. (2018). In Vitro Selection of Single-Domain Antibody (VHH) Using cDNA Display. Methods Mol Biol 1827: 269-285.
• Suzuki, T., Mochizuki, Y., Kimura, S., Akazawa-Ogawa, Y., Hagihara, Y. and Nemoto, N. (2018). Anti-survivin single-domain antibodies derived from an artificial library including three synthetic random regions by in vitro selection using cDNA display. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 503(3): 2054-2060.
• Kobayashi, S., Terai, T., Yoshikawa, Y., Ohkawa, R., Ebihara, M., Hayashi, M., Takiguchi, K. and Nemoto, N. (2017). In vitro selection of random peptides against artificial lipid bilayers: a potential tool to immobilize molecules on membranes. Chem Commun (Camb) 53(24): 3458-3461.
• Takahashi, K., Sunohara, M., Terai, T., Kumachi, S. and Nemoto, N. (2017). Enhanced mRNA-protein fusion efficiency of a single-domain antibody by selection of mRNA display with additional random sequences in the terminal translated regions. Biophys Physicobiol 14: 23-28.
• Kumachi, S., Husimi, Y. and Nemoto, N. (2016). An RNA Binding Peptide Consisting of Four Types of Amino Acid by in Vitro Selection Using cDNA Display. ACS omega 1(1): 52-57.
1 Protocol published
cDNA Display Mediated Immuno-PCR (cD-IPCR): A Novel PCR-based Antigen Detection Method
Authors:  Chathuni Jayathilake, Takuya Terai and Naoto Nemoto, date: 12/20/2019, view: 3062, Q&A: 0
Immuno-PCR (IPCR) is a powerful method in antigen detection where a PCR-amplifiable DNA reporter is conjugated to a specific antibody or an aptamer for the target molecule. In the development and application of IPCR, successful conjugation of a ...
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