Michelle Facette Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, United States
1 protocol

Janette Mendoza University of New Mexico, United States
1 protocol

Qiong Nan
  • Post-Doc, Biology department, University of Massachusetts, USA
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Lanzhou University, China, 2017


· Qiong Nan#, Dong Qian#, Yue Niu, Yongxing He, Shaofei Tong, ZhiminNiu, Jianchao Ma, Yang Yang, Lizhe An, Dongshi Wan*, Yun Xiang* (2017) Plant Actin-depolymerizing Factors Possess Opposing Biochemical Properties Arising from Key Amino Acid Changes Throughout Evolution. Plant Cell, doi:10.1105/tpc.16.00 690.Co-first author
· Jingen Zhu#, Qiong Nan#, Tao Qin#, Shunjie Yuan, Tonglin Mao, Dong Qian, Xiaorong Wu, Yue Niu, Qifeng Bai, Lizhe An and Yun Xiang. (2017) Arabidopsis ACTIN-DEPOLYMERIZING FACTOR5 Functions as anActin-Bundling Protein and Is Crucial for Pollen Germination and Pollen Tube Growth. Molecule plant Co-first author
· Dong Qian#, Qiong Nan#, Yang Yang, Hui Li, Yuelong Zhou, Jingen Zhu, Qifeng Bai, Pan Zhang, Lizhe An, Yun Xiang* (2015) Gelsolin-Like Domain 3 Plays Vital Roles in Regulating the Activities of the Lily Villin/Gelsolin/FragminSuperfamily. PLoS One, 10(11): e0143174. Co-first author
1 Protocol published
Double Labeling of Microtubules and Actin Filaments in Maize Leaf Division Zone
Authors:  Qiong Nan, Janette Mendoza and Michelle Renee Facette, date: 06/20/2019, view: 2965, Q&A: 1
Maize leaves grow in a gradient. The base of young maize leaves contains a high proportion of symmetrically and asymmetrically dividing cells, making the leaf an effective model system for the study of cell division. Here, we describe a double ...
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