Nicholas Pugh School of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
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Laura Burzynski Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge,2017-0
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Murray C.H. Clarke
  • BHF Senior Fellow, Dept. Medicine, University of Cambridge, 2003-2019
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PhD, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2002


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1 Protocol published
Platelet Isolation and Activation Assays
Authors:  Laura C. Burzynski, Nicholas Pugh and Murray C.H. Clarke, date: 10/20/2019, view: 5526, Q&A: 0
Platelets regulate hemostasis and are the key determinants of pathogenic thrombosis following atherosclerotic plaque rupture. Platelets circulate in an inactive state, but become activated in response to damage to the endothelium, which exposes ...
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