Margaret M. McCarthy
  • Professor and Chair, Dept of Pharmacology, University of Maryland School of Medicine
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  • neuroendocrinology
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PhD, Rutgers University

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Top Five McCarthy papers and their impact
H-index = 60 (Scopus)
Total citations =11,006

• VanRyzin, J. W., Marquardt, A. E., Argue, K. J., Vecchiarelli, H. A., Ashton, S. E., Arambula, S. E., Hill, M. N. and McCarthy, M. M. (2019). Microglial Phagocytosis of Newborn Cells Is Induced by Endocannabinoids and Sculpts Sex Differences in Juvenile Rat Social Play. Neuron 102(2): 435-449 e436.
• Lenz, K. M., Pickett, L. A., Wright, C. L., Davis, K. T., Joshi, A. and McCarthy, M. M. (2018). Mast Cells in the Developing Brain Determine Adult Sexual Behavior. J Neurosci 38(37): 8044-8059.
• Nugent, B. M., Wright, C. L., Shetty, A. C., Hodes, G. E., Lenz, K. M., Mahurkar, A., Russo, S. J., Devine, S. E. and McCarthy, M. M. (2015). Brain feminization requires active repression of masculinization via DNA methylation. Nat Neurosci 18(5): 690-697.
• Schwarz, J. M., Liang, S. L., Thompson, S. M. and McCarthy, M. M. (2008). Estradiol induces hypothalamic dendritic spines by enhancing glutamate release: a mechanism for organizational sex differences. Neuron 58(4): 584-598.
• Amateau, S. K. and McCarthy, M. M. (2004). Induction of PGE2 by estradiol mediates developmental masculinization of sex behavior. Nat Neurosci 7(6): 643-650.
1 Protocol published
Assessing Rough-and-tumble Play Behavior in Juvenile Rats
Authors:  Jonathan W. VanRyzin, Ashley E. Marquardt and Margaret M. McCarthy, date: 01/05/2020, view: 2552, Q&A: 0
Play is a complex social behavior that is highly conserved across mammals. In most species, males engage in more frequent and vigorous play as juveniles than females, which reflects subtle yet impactful sex differences in brain circuitry and ...
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