Chiara Ambrogio University of Turin
45 protocols

Enrico Patrucco Universita' degli Studi di Torino
10 protocols

Shibali Das
  • Post-Doc, Washington University in St. Louis
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • Tuberculosis, Vaccine, Innate immunity


PhD, University of Calcutta, 2016

2 Protocols reviewed
Isolation, Culture, and Differentiation of Primary Myoblasts Derived from Muscle Satellite Cells
Authors:  Kun Ho Kim, Jiamin Qiu and Shihuan Kuang, date: 07/20/2020, view: 3411, Q&A: 0
The skeletal muscle is key for body mobility and motor performance, but aging and diseases often lead to progressive loss of muscle mass due to wasting or degeneration of muscle cells. Muscle satellite cells (MuSCs) represent a population of tissue ...
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ATAC-seq on Sorted Adult Mouse Neurons
Authors:  Erin A. Clark, Yasuyuki Shima and Sacha Nelson, date: 10/05/2019, view: 3974, Q&A: 0
Transcription regulation is a key aspect of cellular identity established during development and maintained into adulthood. Molecular and biochemical assays that probe the genome are critical tools in exploring mechanisms of transcription regulation ...
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