David Paul MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
40 protocols

Surabhi Sonam Institut Jacques Monod
6 protocols

Vikash Verma University of Massachusetts
10 protocols

Yosuke Senju Okayama University
3 protocols

Sijie Wei
  • Post-Doc, Stanford University
Research focus
  • Biophysics
  • single-molecule FRET, protein fast dynamics, nucleosome, chromatin, post-translational modification, G-protein coupled receptor, Maximum likelihood estimation, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy


PhD, Penn State University, 2015

Lab information

Steven Chu's Lab


2 Protocols reviewed
Super-resolution Microscopy-based Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation to Study Protein Complex Assembly and Co-localization
Authors:  Jingjing Chen, Zulin Yu, Jay R. Unruh, Brian D. Slaughter and Sue L. Jaspersen, date: 02/20/2020, view: 2619, Q&A: 0
Numerous experimental approaches exist to study interactions between two subunits of a large macromolecular complex. However, most methods do not provide spatial and temporal information about binding, which are critical for dissecting the mechanism ...
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Lipid-exchange Rate Assay for Lipid Droplet Fusion in Live Cells
Authors:  Jia Wang, Boon Tin Chua, Peng Li and Feng-Jung Chen, date: 07/20/2019, view: 3406, Q&A: 0
Lipid droplets (LDs) are central organelles in maintaining lipid homeostasis. Defective LD growth often results in the development of metabolic disorders. LD fusion and growth mediated by cell death–inducing DNA fragmentation factor alpha ...
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