Georg Felix Zentrum für Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen, University Tübingen, Germany
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Lei Wang
  • The Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP), University of Tuebingen, Germany, Germany,
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, University of Tuebingen, Germany, 2014

Current position

Postdoc, Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland


  1. Wang L, Einig E, Almeida-Trapp M, Albert M, Fliegmann J, Mithöfer A, Kalbacher H, Felix G. The systemin receptor SYR1 enhances resistance of tomato against herbivorous insects. Nature plants. 2018 Mar;4(3):152. 
  2. Wang L, Albert M, Einig E, Fürst U, Krust D, Felix G. The pattern-recognition receptor CORE of Solanaceae detects bacterial cold-shock protein. Nature plants. 2016 Dec;2(12):16185. 
  3. Chen W, Yin X, Wang L, Tian J, Yang R, Liu D, Yu Z, Ma N, Gao J. Involvement of rose aquaporin RhPIP1; 1 in ethylene-regulated petal expansion through interaction with RhPIP2; 1. Plant molecular biology. 2013 Oct 1;83(3):219-33.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Lei Wang, Yan Wang and Georg Felix, date: 03/20/2019, view: 3811, Q&A: 0
Plants need to respond appropriately to wounding and herbivorous insects. Peptide signals have been implicated in local and systemic induction of appropriate plant defense responses. To study these peptide signals and their perception in host ...
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