Musoki Mwimba
  • Research associate, Biology, Duke University
Research focus
  • Plant-pathogen interactions Circadian regulation of plant immunity
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Duke University, USA, 2017

Lab information

Xinnian Dong lab


  1. Mwimba, M., Karapetyan, S., Liu, L., Marques, J., McGinnis, E. M., Buchler, N.E., Dong, X., Daily humidity oscillation regulates the circadianclock to influence plant physiology, Nature Communications, October 16 (2018), vol. 9 pp. 1-10
  2. Mwimba, M., Dong, X., The CAT(2) Comes Back, Cell Host &; Microbe, February 8 (2017), Vol. 21 pp.125 – 127
  3. Liu, L., Sonbol, F. M., Huuot, B., Gu, Y., Withers, J., Mwimba, M., Yao, J., He, S.Y., Dong, X., Salicylic Acid Receptors Activate Jasmonci Acid Signaling Through a Non-Canonical Pathway to Promote Effector-Triggered Immunity, Nature Communications, October 11 (2016), Vol. 7 pp.1 – 10
  4. Zhou, M., Wang, W., Karapetyan, S., Mwimba, M., Marques, J., Buchler, N., Dong, X., Redox Rhythm Reinforces the Circadian Clock to Gate Immune Response, Nature , June 22 (2015), pp. 472 – 476
1 Protocol published
Quantification of the Humidity Effect on HR by Ion Leakage Assay
Authors:  Musoki Mwimba and Xinnian Dong, date: 04/05/2019, view: 3179, Q&A: 0
We describe a protocol to measure the contribution of humidity on cell death during the effector-triggered immunity (ETI), the plant immune response triggered by the recognition of pathogen effectors by plant resistance genes. This protocol ...
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