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Laura Lleras-Forero
  • Hubrecht Institute - KNAW & UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, Netherlands,
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • 1 Author merit


Doctorate, King´s College London, United Kigdom, 2012

Current position

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Cardiovascular organogenesis and regeneration, University of Münster, Germany


  1. Segmentation of the zebrafish axial skeleton relies on the notochord sheath cells and not on the segmentation clock. Laura Lleras-Forero, Rachna Narayanan, Leonie Huitema, Maaike VanBergen, et al. eLife (2018).
  2. Wilms Tumor 1b defines a wound-specific sheath cell subpopulation associated with notochord repair. Juan carlos Lopez-Baez, Daniel Simpson, Laura Lleras-Forero, Zhiqiang Zeng, et al. eLife (2018).
  3. Quantitative interaction mapping reveals an extended UBX domain in ASPL that disrupts functional p97 hexamers. Anup Arumughan, Yvette Roske, Carolin Barth, Laura Lleras Forero, et al Nature communications (2016) 1-13.
  4. A novel role for neuropeptide signalling in specifying sense organ progenitor cells. Laura Lleras-­‐Forero, Monica Tambalo, Nicolas Christophorou, David Chambers, et al. Developmental Cell (2013) 195-203.
  5. Development of the sensory nervous system in the vertebrate head: the importance of being on time. Laura Lleras-­‐Forero, Andrea Streit. Current opinion in genetics and development 22 (2012) 1-­8.
  6. Pax2 coordinates epithelial morphogenesis and cell fate in the inner ear. Nicolas A.D. Christophorou, Michael Mende, Laura Lleras-­‐Forero, Timothy Grocott, et al. Developmental Biology 345 (2010) 180-190.
1 Protocol published
Zebrafish have become an increasingly important model organism in the field of wound healing and regenerative medicine, due to their high regenerative capacity coupled with high-resolution imaging in living animals. In a recent study, we described ...
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