Emilie Giraud Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris
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Evie Melanitou
  • Senior Research Scientist, Parasites & Insect Vectors, Institut Pasteur, France, 1992-0 Visiting Professor, BDC, University of Colorado, USA, 2002-2003
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PhD, DrSC, Pierre et Marie Curie, Université Sorbonne VI, France


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RNA Extraction from Ears and Draining Lymph Nodes of Mice Infected with Leishmania amazonensis
Authors:  Emilie Giraud and Evie Melanitou, date: 06/05/2020, view: 2095, Q&A: 0
Parasites of the genus Leishmania infect the mammalian hosts, including mice and humans and cause cutaneous or visceral leishmaniasis depending upon the parasite species transmitted by the vector sandfly. Leishmania amazonensis is ...
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