Tao Pan
  • Faculty, University of Chicago
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Yale University, USA

Current position

Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Chicago, USA


  1. https://openwetware.org/wiki/Pan_Lab
1 Protocol published
Quantification of Queuosine Modification Levels in tRNA from Human Cells Using APB Gel and Northern Blot
Authors:  Zaneta Matuszek and Tao Pan, date: 03/20/2019, view: 4349, Q&A: 0
Queuosine (Q) is a hypermodified base in the wobble anticodon position of tRNAs coding for the amino acids Tyr, His, Asn, and Asp. tRNA Q-modification is introduced by a queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase (TGT) that replaces the guanine base at G34 at ...
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