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Andrea Puhar MIMS and Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University
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Sveta Chakrabarti
  • Research scientist, Sveta Chakrabarti
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • Wound healing, stem-cell, Drosophila


PhD, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, 2013

Lab information

Prof Sandhya S Visweswariah


3 Protocols reviewed
Pea Aphid Rearing, Bacterial Infection and Hemocyte Phagocytosis Assay
Authors:  Li Ma, Lu Liu and Zhiqiang Lu, date: 12/20/2020, view: 897, Q&A: 0

Insects rely on the simple but effective innate immune system to combat infection. Cellular and humoral responses are interconnected and synergistic in insects’ innate immune system. Phagocytosis is one major cellular response. It is difficult

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Ex vivo Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc Culture and Furin Inhibitor Assay
Authors:  Alex Sohr, Lijuan Du and Sougata Roy, date: 08/20/2019, view: 2842, Q&A: 0
Furin is an evolutionarily conserved proprotein convertase (PC) family enzyme with a broad range of substrates that are essential for developmental, homeostatic, and disease pathways. Classical genetic approaches and in vitro biochemical or ...
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