Anne Spang Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland,
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Julie Weidner AstraZeneca
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Congwei Wang
  • Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland,
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., University of Basel, Switzerland, 2016

Current position

PostDoc, pRED NORD, Roche Innovation Center , Switzerland


  1. Wang, C., Schmich, F., Srivatsa, S., Weidner, J., Beerenwinkel, N. and Spang, A. (2018). Context-dependent deposition and regulation of mRNAs in P-bodies. Elife 7. 

  2. Anton, C., Zanolari, B., Arcones, I., Wang, C., Mulet, J. M., Spang, A. and Roncero, C. (2017). Involvement of the exomer complex in the polarized transport of Ena1 required for Saccharomyces cerevisiae survival against toxic cations. Mol Biol Cell 28(25): 3672-3685. 

  3. Weidner, J., Wang, C., Prescianotto-Baschong, C., Estrada, A. F. and Spang, A. (2014). The polysome-associated proteins Scp160 and Bfr1 prevent P body formation under normal growth conditions. J Cell Sci 127(Pt 9): 1992-2004. 

  4. Burmann, B. M., Wang, C. and Hiller, S. (2013). Conformation and dynamics of the periplasmic membrane-protein-chaperone complexes OmpX-Skp and tOmpA-Skp. Nat Struct Mol Biol 20(11): 1265-1272.

1 Protocol published
Preparation of Sequencing RNA Libraries through Chemical Cross-linking Coupled to Affinity Purification (cCLAP) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Authors:  Congwei Wang, Julie Weidner and Anne Spang, date: 10/05/2018, view: 4667, Q&A: 0
Ribonucleoprotein particles (mRNPs) are complexes consisting of mRNAs and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) which control mRNA transcription localization, turnover, and translation. Some mRNAs within the mRNPs have been shown to undergo degradation or ...
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